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Once upon a time, I wanted to labor.


In honor of the current American Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d share a few facts about my early career choices.  Since they weren’t stereo-typically Irish-American in the least.  

Once upon a time, in a far away land called New York, a precocious child with curly, auburn hair told her mother in a supermarket shopping cart (while wearing a sparkly pink fairy princess costume) that she wanted to be a construction worker.  A nearby security guard overheard the conversation and informed the young child that “girls can’t be construction workers.  Girls have to become architects”.  And that was the end of that dream.  Too bad, I probably would have made BANK!

Several years later, that same girl (with freshly flat-ironed hair) told her parents that she wanted to become a detective, as her father, paternal grandfather, paternal great-grandfather, multiple paternal uncles and cousins, and maternal great-grandfather all were detectives and police officers.  That girl later attended university, majoring in Criminal Justice Administration & Planning and minoring in Sociology.  She went on a police ride-a-long and even got to hold an MP-5 at the New York City Police Academy.

Once the girl was able to accept the fact that the Police Academy mainly entailed physical activities such as running, she decided to attend graduate school for a master’s in Sociology, where she conducted her own original research on police officers and detectives.  (If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em?)

She realized that she didn’t care much for research, despite loving statistics, but wanted an action-packed, heroic sort of career.  Destined to be relatively poor as those who had come before her, she decided to attend an over-priced top-of-the-line private school for clinical social work, which she is now paying off for the rest of her life.  She probably chose this school because of its name, and because it has a building and campus society called “Ireland House” . (Hint, hint.)

She presently is pasty white, works two jobs– one in psychiatric rehabilitation, one as a psychotherapist– and hasn’t been to the beach once this summer.

This girl is me.  Surprise, surprise.