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The Legend of Cat Sídhe


So I’m back after a very, very long hiatus.  I’m sure everyone has missed my odd sense of humor, that only I mostly seem to understand.  In all truthfulness, the past few months have been rather rough for me, as my lovely kitten, Sunshine, was ill with a rare illness called FIP, and has since passed on 1 November, 2011.  I’m still in mourning, but I [hopefully] should be getting her ashes blessed this upcoming Sunday.  It is what any good Irish-American Catholic would do.  Probably.

All that and a bag o' chips!

Sunshine Peace, my little fíorghrá

I’ve always been intrigued by Celtic art, particularly by the animals that have been included, limited, and excluded.  I usually find lots of dogs and dragons (common pets in any Irish-American household or moat), though cats are typically few and far between.  In my quasi-tribute to Sunshine, I’ve begun to read up on cats in Irish mythology.  And as consistent with the views of Salem, Massachusetts, cats were thought to be ominous creatures, often times, transformed witches. Cats have seldom been painted in a favorable light.

Mischievous, villainous, and sometimes even violent, cats were seen as the animal incarnate of witches.  Interestingly, Cat Sídhe was eventually respected by humans.

Cat Sídhe, could that be you?

The legend goes something like this: Cat Sídhe was a fearless and feisty who was pretty large– not quite as big as a tiger but large enough to make one pee one’s own pantaloons.  She was dark though had a white chest.– possibly indicating good will that largely went unrecognized.  She usually traveled alone, rather than with a pride of other kitties, making it difficult for many people back in the dizzay to find her when she would ransack villages during the night time.  She was also able to shrink herself into an adorable green-eyed, grey tabby, appearing innocuous.  Being the super-cool ancient equivalent of anyone from the cast of  Heroes, she was able to turn invisible as well.  Many people complained of feeling terrorized and often stalked.  Others complained that it was creepy to hear her growl in their home whilst mid coiter.  Some even claim that Kitty Cat  Sídhe went about exacting revenge upon anyone who may have threatened or hurt her master.

However, just like today, people back then were stupid.  Cat Sídhe was not an evil, ugly witch, but rather a faery– she is from Sídhe, after all.  She had a playful, curious side, that could get her into trouble, but overall, she was a do-gooder.  She was never out to kill anyone, but rather she was assisting in warning others of danger or death.  (Thinking back to the couple she appeared to mid-coiter– Cat was warning them against the Clap.  She was waayyyy ahead of her time.) She also saved the Irish from British invasion, namely from the Scots, alongside her bestest friend, Oona.  She was no longer feared.  Afterwards, Oona treated her to a pint.

So what is the moral of the story today, kids? I, myself, am not sure.  Just remember to scoop the litter box.

Sunshine– forever in my heart. ❤