Oona Keeley is a long-time resident of the New York City area.  She was one of only a handful of Irish-American kids growing up in her neighborhood, and probably the only one whose ancestry stemmed from a place called Armagh, in Northern Ireland (yes, the “bad” Ireland).  To further emphasize the fact that she was different, she was the only kid she knew of who was put through the Hell of Irish step dancing lessons.  She has permanent scars from her jig shoes on the back of her heels to this day.

OK started her religious studies as a Protestant, but was mostly raised Catholic.  She believes they are both the same religion, and the minute differences between the two were nothing more than tools that the British used to divide and conquer the Irish nation.  Today, she doesn’t believe in following organized religion.

Her family has been and always will be proud supporters of Project Children, a Northern Irish-American organization, working to promote peace and equality among all children in Éire as well as in the US.

Pretty like a princess-- a loud mouthed, auburn-haired princess who can break your arm in one swift maneuver.


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